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Moby-D is a network of experienced executives and consultants in fleet management and mobility. We partner with technology companies to design and implement the next generation of digital solutions for the industry. Our mission is to bring value to our customers on the move.

  • April 2017: creation of Moby-D
  • December 2018: Moby-D invests with Autofacets B.V., part of Gateway Corp group, to create Autofacets France
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Moby-D is a network of expertise in the area of automotive and financial services. Its experience is in the area of strategic growth projects (M&A, private equity), marketing (brand, pricing) and operational efficiencies (organisation, processes).

Digital solutions

Moby-D has invested in Autofacets and combine the right mix of automotive domain knowledge, experience and IT expertise. Together we support core business processes at strategic and operational level.


Participation in conferences, training sessions and regular publications both in magazine and digital sites.

moby-d mobility car
moby-d mobility car
moby-d mobility car


moby-d cva partner

CVA (Corporate Value Associates) share with us values of entrepreneurship, team work, excellence and creativeness. Organized around an Auto-Mobility Platform, high calibre senior professionals carry unique experience and ensure project delivery with high-impact teams.

moby-d digital central partner

Digital Central is a digital consulting agency bringing the best of digital transformation to Seychelles and worldwide. Expertise is across of digital experiences: websites, apps, payments, chatbots, advertising, facebook pages, social media, eCommerce, point of sale solutions, leveraging the latest technology trends and tools in a cost effective manner.

moby-d experteye consulting partner

Experteye consulting AG is the sister company of Experteye AG, the leading automotive surveys and benchmarking company. Experteye consulting is specialized in residual value optimization, pricing analysis and high value recommendations provided to car manufacturers and leasing companies. The unique approach of Experteye consulting is based on the experience of people who had leading functions within manufacturers and leasing companies and proven track record in residual value improvement, pricing optimization and worldwide fleet sales development. Experteye consulting is neutral, experienced and pragmatic.

moby-d gateway partner

Gateway group was established in the year 1997 with a singular mission to help our customers win in the markets they operate in. With a collective wisdom of founders together with a unique team, we went on spreading our wings across the globe with specific customer winning stories. Today, we have clientele from across 30+ countries, growing consistently month by month. Autofacets is Gateway COE for automotive industry "Driven by passion for automotive, AutoFacets is a global leader in digital automotive solutions. A known name in the automotive world as a strategic technology partner who makes a difference together."

moby-d nexus partner

Nexus Communication is the international specialist in business-to-business communication within the fleet and mobility sectors. To meet its readers' information needs, Nexus Communication has created genuine communication platforms that bring complementary media together: magazines, websites and events. Through its 4 media, Global Fleet, Fleet Europe, Fleet Latam and Smart Mobility Management, Nexus is able to provide a global perspective of the trends shaping the industry.


moby-d pascal serres

Founder and Managing Partner

Pascal is a recognized expert in mobility. He was deputy CEO of ALD SA from 2002 to 2017 and elected into Fleet Europe's “Hall of Fame” in 2013 for his contributions to the fleet management and vehicle lease industry. Mid-2017, Pascal created Moby-D (mobility consulting firm), joined Nexus Communication’s board and became chairman of FleetLatam advisory board. He also became CEO of Autofacets France in January 2019 and joined Experteye board as a non-executive director in July. Pascal graduated from HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales) in 1975 and holds a PhD in Economics from Paris VIII University (1986). Pascal speaks 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian.

moby-d michael serres

Co-founder and Partner

Michael is Director at Digital Central. He was previously Head of Digital for Asia Pacific at Manulife Wealth and Asset Management and at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, where he is credited with building high-performing teams and delivering brilliant digital experiences for retail and institutional investors. He holds a joint BSc in Maths and Computer Science from University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom and speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and Italian.

moby-d emmanuel serres

Co-founder and Partner

Emmanuel is a Senior Director at Simon-Kutcher & Partners with over 10 years global experience in strategy and pricing for a broad range of industries (chemicals, construction, logistics, professional distribution, … ). He is also an expert in Motorcycles with past experience working at Ducati France. He holds a Master Degree from ESCP Europe in Paris and a Bachelor Degree from Bocconi University in Milan.

moby-d charlotte serres

Co-founder and Partner

Charlotte joined Uber as Head of Trust and Safety Operations for Latin America in April 2018. Prior to that, she spent 5 years at AXA Mexico, working in Public Affairs, as CEO's Chief of Staff and Head of Transformation and Innovation for its Property and Casualty business. She holds a Masters from the University of Oxford and graduated from Singularity University's Global Solutions Program. For more info, click

moby-d jose luis criado perez

Senior Advisor

Jose Luis has over 30 years international experience in Fleet Management and Mobility. During 23 years as senior management of LeasePlan, as country manager for Spain, then SVP for S. Europe and S. America and lastly as Managing Director of LeasePlan International. Has been the founder of the Spanish Renting Ass. and was co-author of the “Libro Blanco del Renting” published by the IE Business School and PWC. In 2016 was awarded the “International Fleet Hall of Fame”. Presently he is again an independent Mobility Consultant, Director of the Auto Think Tank of the IE Business School and an Advisory Board member of Global Fleet Latam.

moby-d alain duez

Senior Advisor

Alain is a former Director at Accenture with international background. He is a professional with 30 years experience in Software development, HR, Finance and with a strong focus on Procurement Strategy, and in-depth experience in Fleet and Mobility Management. He led several strategic audits, supported new business development, excel in people development and coaching. Alain started with his own company since 2015. He speaks English, French and Dutch.

moby-d fabrice kahn

Senior Advisor

Fabrice is a former Senior Partner with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Partner at Deloitte Consulting. He is a professional with 20 years experience in Financial Services with a strong focus on Specialized Financing, and in-depth experience on new digital / mobile business model opportunities. He led several strategic audits, partnership development, acquisition, growth strategy program for major European specialized financing specialists, including Long Term Rental, leasing and consumer finance leaders.

moby-d laurent queinec

Senior Advisor

Laurent is the CEO of Experteye Consulting AG, a Swiss based Consulting company. With more than 20 years experiences in the automotive and leasing industry at Director level, he has a deep knowledge of all the strategical and operational issues of the B2B automotive sector and an extensive network of industry leaders. The consulting activities are based on methodologies and ideas that have proven track records within top-tier manufacturers, leasing companies and fleet customers. Laurent speaks 3 languages: English, French and German.

moby-d wolfgang reinhold

Senior Advisor

Wolfgang started his automotive life in 1980 as Regional Sales Director as Hertz Rent a Car. After 5 years he joined ALD as Branch Manager in Frankfurt. In 1989 he becomes Managing Director at LeasePlan Germany. In 2002 be moved on as Senior Vice President Operations, Procurement and Car Remarketing for the LeasePlan Group worldwide. In 2017 he has started his own Consulting and Senior Advise company. Since 2015 he is Chairman of the European Car Remarketing Association Europe called CARA.


Spread the ideas, not the virus: Immobility costs generated by the coronavirus
March 20, 2020

We have to limit our movements to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. It is the best way to protect us and to reduce the number of people that are being seriously affected. It is also the way to alleviate the influx in hospitals, which should give scientists time to find a cure. Continue reading

The leasing sector is a good sector to invest in
February 19, 2020

Last week, ALD, Arval and LeasePlan published their annual results for 2019. Fleet Europe experts Pascal Serres and Philippe Bismut discuss the performance of the three largest full-service leasing companies in Europe. Continue reading

Carsharing will go on, but differently
February 18, 2020

After a period of new market launches and expansion, several carsharing services are downsizing or even discontinuing their operations altogether. What will the carsharing industry of the future look like? Continue reading

Why Brazilian car lease companies dominate the market
February 12, 2020

Most of the cars registered in Brazil, the 7th biggest car market in the world, are produced in the country because taxes of up to 35% impact imported vehicles which only represent around 6% of registrations (mainly luxury brands). And also when we look at the financing side we see that Brazil is a market where domestic finance and lease companies are more important and bigger than the international ones, writes Pascal Serres, Chairman of the LatAm Advisory Board. Continue reading

Why leasing and rental will converge with Michel Taride and Pascal Serres
December 9, 2019

Will leasing and car rental converge? It’s a long-standing prediction, but one that may come true in the brave new world that is tomorrow’s Fleet and Mobility ecosystem. So, if it’s coming, what will it mean? We asked two industry giants: Michel Taride, former Group President at Hertz International and elected into the Fleet Europe Hall of Fame 2019; and Pascal Serres, former Deputy CEO at ALD and 2013 inductee into the Fleet Europe Hall of Fame. Continue reading

Pascal Serres joins Experteye Board
October 14, 2019

Pascal Serres has joined the Board of Directors at Experteye AG, a leading provider of Residual Value and Pricing data for the automotive and leasing sector and customer research. Apart from him, the Board also consists of the company’s two founders David Trümpler and Rick Yarrow, its CEO José Blanquez, and Laurent Queinec, CEO of Experteye Consulting AG. Continue reading

Fleet LatAm Conference 2019, un éxito para México
September 25, 2019

El crecimiento y profesionalización de las flotas en América Latina llamaron la atención de Fleet Europe y Fleet Global que reconocieron a México como uno de los países más importantes en el desarrollo del negocio de la gestión de flotas, por lo que lo eligieron para ser la sede de la primera Fleet LatAm Conference 2019. Continue reading

Venezuela, the collapse of a rich country
June 12, 2019

Maduro took over in 2013 when Chavez died and brought the country to bankruptcy. In 2019, Venezuela is facing one of the worst economic and political crises ever seen in Latin-America. The World Bank estimates that 87% of the population lives below the poverty line. Civil unrest is rife. Continue reading

Tips to ride-hail security - Uber
May 29, 2019

Since the inception of San Francisco based mobile app ride hailing company Uber in 2009, several companies such as Lyft (USA), Ola (India), Grab Taxi (Asia) Didi Chuxing (China), and Cabify (Spain) have followed suit, many of which who are making quite an impact in the industry. Continue reading

Ph. Bismut and P. Serres about the future of car leasing
May 2, 2019

Individually, Philippe Bismut (recently retired as Arval’s CEO - left on picture) and Pascal Serres (formerly deputy CEO at ALD) are highly experienced car lease experts. Combined, their knowledge approaches that of an industry oracle. Let’s hear them out on the financial models that are shaping the lease industry of the future. Continue reading

The globalisation of vehicle leasing is ongoing
April 16, 2019

New cars sales could break the 100 million mark (PV – 70 million and CV – 30 million units) worldwide in 2019; they have grown regularly year after year from 66 million ten years ago (according to OICA – International organisation of motor vehicles) mainly because of China which represents 30% of the market nowadays and 50% of growth over the same period (from 13 to 30 million). Continue reading

Trump, AMLO and Bolsonaro: a new landscape for 2019
Janurary 29, 2019

In 2017, an interesting survey indicated that 75% of Latin Americans showed little or no confidence in national governments, up from around 55% in 2010. Trust in institutions like the judicial system also deteriorated as dissatisfaction with the quality of public services grew, in a context of social inequality and corruption. Continue reading

Brands, awareness and private lease competition
December 11, 2018

Nobody in the general public has heard of ALD, Arval or LeasePlan as none of them is using much publicity for its corporate business. However, in the years to come they all plan to grow their portfolio on the emerging retail market where brand awareness matters. Continue reading

The rise of employee mobility solutions and subscription models
December 11, 2018

Mobility for all employees, including commuting and professional travelling, is or will be a priority for corporates. This is a transversal responsibility where HR, finance, legal, procurement and fleet managers are concerned. Continue reading

EU regulation forces EV revolution
December 11, 2018

In 2017, EVs represented around 2% of registrations in Europe, up 50% on 2016. The Netherlands, France and Norway are leading the change. By 2021 we can expect a revolution driven by European Commission orientations and 10/15% of new registration to be electric vehicles. Continue reading

Mobility Market to Bolster Leasing and Rental Trends in Latin America
November 23, 2018

Fleet management companies administer 600,000 vehicles in Latin-America. Local Rentacar companies compete against international lessor alliances from the US or Europe. The traditional model, developed a long time ago with integrated garages for the mining and distribution industries, is being challenged. Meanwhile, Uber’s success and that of other hailing or car sharing platforms in the sub-continent push for a quick transformation toward mobility solutions. Continue reading

Mono-brands will disappear
June 19, 2018

Last week's deal between LeasePlan and FCA is just one example of the great changes afoot along the leasing industry's captive/multi-brand divide, says Pascal Serres. “Mono-brand captives will disappear”, the mobility expert predicts. Continue reading

Private lease will bolster competition and innovation
May 14, 2018

In the past, OEMs tended to use their captives and spend large amounts of money in marketing campaigns to increase car sales in retail markets. Meanwhile, the development of private lease and mobility platforms (including car sharing and ride-hailing) started changing the game, creating a new segmentation of the market and threatening retail businesses in the near future. For this reason, OEMs are now rapidly adapting their traditional business models to better service their customers and market trends. Continue reading

2018, the year of Powertrain revolution, private lease explosion and market consolidation

In 2017, worldwide car registrations are expected to grow once again at about 1.6%, reaching 78.6 million new passenger vehicles. China alone will represent 30 % of the market, while Asia as a whole close to 50%. Growth in Asia should continue if we consider China has approximately 120 cars per thousand inhabitants, while Europe 600 and the United States 800. In Europe, growth comes with a significant switch in powertrains. Continue reading

Medium-term renting will close the gap between leasing and rent-a-car-business
November 6, 2017

If you need a car for the weekend or for a month-long holiday, good solutions are currently available with rent a car companies such as Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Entreprise, Sixt, among others. If you need a company car for 3 or 4 years, options are available with existing lessors including Arval, ALD, LeasePlan, Alphabet, Athlon and most OEM captives such as RCI Bank and Services, Volkswagen Financial Services , PSA Finance, etc. However, if you need a car for 3 months to a year (for whatever reason and there may be plenty of good ones), offers will be difficult to find and most likely expensive. Lessors and rent a car operators have different business models that were not originally built for medium term renting. Continue reading

AutoFacets Arrives in France: Partnering with Moby–D
October 12, 2017

France is a strategically important market for AutoFacets and it is one of the top three countries in Europe for mobility. It is important for AutoFacets to have a profound local partner who understands the local market, mobility ecosystem and customer needs in-line with AutoFacets’ digital automotive solution capabilities and delivery methodologies. The quest for a reliable partner in France is over, AutoFacets is proud to announce its new alliance with France based Moby – D, the mobility consulting firm, to provide innovative solutions for the mobility ecosystem in France. Continue reading

Expert Insight: From Corporate to Global Leasing
June 6, 2017

Over the past five years, Full Service Leasing (FSL) has had the fastest growth in the corporate car registration market, worldwide. FSL also appears to be a great opportunity for the private market, as demand for alternative models of mobility grows. Does this mean that leasing is the panacea to sell cars in the future? If so, what are the consequences for leasing companies, rent a car companies and OEMs? Continue reading

Pascal Serres supports Nexus Communication with fleet and mobility expertise
April 18, 2017

Pascal Serres, formerly Deputy CEO of ALD Automotive, is to provide expertise and insight to Fleet Europe, Global Fleet and Smart Mobility. That has been agreed between Mr. Serres and Nexus Communication, the publisher of the three Fleet and Mobility business platforms for international decision makers. Continue reading


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